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Air Conditioning Maintenance Services

Air Conditioning Maintenance Services

We have the best preventative maintenance program on the island and we stand behind it 100%. Our program includes verifying your system is performing to the manufacturer’s guidelines, checking all fluid levels, wiring, filters, belts, pressures, switches, coils, traps, contactors, UV lights, amperages, voltages, and bearings. We monitor and correct microbial levels to ensure the air quality your breathing is healthy and your system lasts longer. 

We offer recommendations to ensure your system cools more effectively, lowers your electric bill, and keeps the microbial and particle levels as low as possible so your system performs at its best. We keep records of all work performed, parts replaced, recommendations, and proposals to allow you to focus on things that are more important.

We offer a warrantee on all of our service and we only use top quality, brand name original equipment for replacement parts. We have the highest standards of workmanship and truly care about your air conditioning system and your comfort. Let us provide an estimate for preventative maintenance on your system TODAY!

Air Conditioning Tune-up

The best defense against expensive repairs and damage to your air conditioning system and your home or building is consistent professional maintenance. Kona Air Conditioning goes above and beyond to ensure your system is performing at its maximum potential and notifies you of any potential issues.

Our technicians replace filters and ultra-violet lights, check for leaks throughout the system using our high-tech infrared diagnostic system, check for acceptable refrigerant and pressures, proper airflow, electrical operation, proper tightening of all connections, inspection of coatings, seals, joints, bearings, fittings, and bels, and proper thermostat performance. We also ensure that you are educated in the operation of your air conditioning system and thermostat controls and the status of the system.

Condensate Leaks

Consistent maintenance is your best defense against condensate leaks. The three main causes of leaks are: 1) a cracked overflow drain pan; 2) a clogged filter; and 3) a plugged condensate line. Regular maintenance and investigation with our infrared diagnostic tools will reveal all three of these potential causes of leaks and much more. 

Leaks can cause major damage to your home or business, so it is much more cost efficient to have our team of expert technicians perform regularly scheduled maintenance on your system then to suffer through costly repairs.
We offer a great Preventative Maintenance Program. Call us now!

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